National Best Friends Day June 8 – 2021

National Best Friends Day is ironically the only day devoted to the person with whom you might spend the other 364 days. However, one day might be enough to acknowledge and appreciate the affection you have received from that individual. Celebrating National Best Friends Day can even make your friendship bond stronger because you reveal your feelings and how much you care to the person whom you call “best friend”.

History of National Best Friends Day

The practice of National Best Friend Day celebrations started out in 1935 when the US Congress made a decision to devote a day in tribute to close friends. Hence, the US Congress designated the first Sunday of August as Friendship Day and 8 June of every year as National Best Friends Day. With time, several other countries also started to adopt this festival and up till now, almost every country in the world celebrates this event beautifully.

Some organizations got really inspired by the idea of this day and initiated many other friendship days with different traditions and names. For instance, Women’s Friendship Day is on the third Sunday in August. The third week of May is the Old Friends, New Friends Week. The whole of February is designated as the International Friendship Month. Keeping all these things in mind, National Best Friends Day is now considered as International Best Friends Day.

Best Friends Are Your Initiator

Henry Ford says “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” This quote is as obvious as it gets. That’s what best friends are for, to encourage you, to be a pillar which creates a stage for you to move forward in life, to help you overcome hurdles. And most importantly make you laugh even at harsh times, even when life is behaving like an inferno to you.

National best friends day June 8


National Best Friends Day Quotes

A best friend is a person who is true to you, who cares for you, gives you comfort and makes you smile in your tough time. On National Best Friends Day, you should share your feelings with your best friend about him/her. As it is really difficult to describe even your own feelings, here are some good suggestions. I have personally shared these catchy words with my best friend and got really emotional feedback from him. You should also try this to make your bond strong and long lasting.

Was it the long chats or the little secrets? The sorrow that we shared, or the joys that we doubled? Or maybe it was just the time that we’ve always given to each other. That made us what we are today. More than friends!

Few things in life would never change, like the times we have spent and the moments we have shared. I Want to tell you this Best Friends day, no matter where we are years later, our friendship will remain forever.

Friends like you are hard to find. Wish our friendship lasts forever. Happy Best Friends Day!

Best Friends Day Poem

Below is a very small poem for you to sing it to your best mate.

I can borrow your book and call it mine.
Take a call from you and not care about the time
I can bug you,for no reason hug you.
Or refuse to give your ears a rest.
I can do it all because I know that by default.
Among all my friends, you are simply the best.

How is National Best Friends Day Celebrated

The most conventional method to celebrate national best friend day is, of course, the exchange of presents, friendship poems, flowers(especially the pink and yellow roses), friendship cards and friendship bands. but as for today’s era, folks like to make merry, have drinks and lip-smacking dishes and party all night long with their friendship crew. Some peaceful best friends visit a natural place like a hill station, have fun playing with each other and start talking about past and coming future. Social networking has also emerged as the most common way to celebrate national best friends day.

National Best Friends Day

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