Rose: The National Flower Of Czech Republic

The National flower of Czech Republic is the elegant Rose. It is also the national flower of Britain, Luxembourg, United States and Slovakia. The red color of the rose is the symbol of love and beauty as well as politics and war at the same time. The Czech Republic is a highly developed country with high living standards and it is also the 10th peaceful country and the people of the country are renowned for their love and Rose is highly popular amongst them.

National flower of czech republic

Interesting facts about Rose:

The rose belongs to Rosaceae family with rosa as a genus, it is amazingly beautiful and  have a fruity smell and its petals are suitable for eating and had been using in medicines since historical instances. The culmination of rose (which are on the bottom) is tremendously nutritious because they are highly rich in vitamins. Its size solely depends upon the species. Rose can reach the maximum flower size of 33 inches in diameter. Certain species can reach 23 feet in length. Rose can be found in white, yellow, pink, red and orange depending on the type of species. Wild rose has five sepals and five showy petals. Roses are considered as medicine. Roses contain an antioxidant that is good for the liver. Roses are the most popular flower among the lovers as the red color of rose signifies the love.

Why rose is The National Flower of Czech Republic ?

It is not confirmed yet that why rose is the national flower of  Czech Republic but the native people of Europe believed that because of the following reason the rose has gained the title of national flower of Czech Republic and these are as follows:

Most of the people think that as rose is the sign of love, war, politics and beauty it defines about the Czech republic as nation and Czech Republican, it is found on a large scale in country, Czech republic is the city of love and beauty that is the core reason that rose is the national flower of Czech Republic.

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