The National Flower of China of Plum blossom. Plum blossom gained the title of national flower of China on July 21(1964) earlier on Peony was the national flower of China, they are extremely beautiful and create vibrating sound when the wind passes through it.

National flower of china

Interesting facts about Plum Blossom:

Plum blossom belongs to Rosaceae Family (Rose Family) with Prunus as a genus.The plum blossom has a variety of names but people of China usually call it MEI(In the Chinese language). Chinese and Koreans use the fruits of this flower in juices, as flavoring agent in alcoholic, sauces and other edible But the ancient use of it is that the people of China and Korean are using this plant for medicine purposes. They are available in white, pink and red shades.


Why is Plum Blossom National Flower Of china?

The Plum blossom is the most loved and popular flower in china they call it MEI or MEihua in their language, it is the symbol of winter in China, it is famous for its exceptional beauty and for its beneficial uses in China. Plum blossom is cultivated on large scale in China and is being used for centuries and is highly available everywhere in the country, because of the usefulness of the flower for the people of the country it is opted as the national flower.

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