National Emblem of Afghanistan

The national emblem of Afghanistan is a part of Afghani flags in some form all of the time. The emblem is basically a symbolic and distinctive badge of a nation or a family.

national emblem of afghanistan

Current Emblem of Afghanistan

History of the national emblem of Afghanistan:

Since the 1900s to the date, the national emblem of Afghanistan has changed for like 13 times.

first national emblem of afghanistan

First Emblem of Afghanistan

 1900-1919: The emblem of Afghanistan portrayed a gate of something.

1919-1926: The emblem of Afghanistan was like a mosque with two minarets, two flags and 2 swords beneath the emblem.

1926-1928: The emblem was just an advance version of the previous emblem, just the two swords removed.

1928-1929:  The emblem was just an advanced version of the previous emblem, just the two swords removed.

1931-1973: This was the exact copy of the 1926-1928 emblem just with the flags colored and the text “AFGHANISTAN” in Pashto appeared at the bottom.

1974-1978: During these 4 years, the emblem was a portrait of an eagle with some text in Pashto written at the bottom along with the text “AFGHANISTAN”  (أفغانستان).

1978-1980: During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the country changed its emblem to the red colored badge with a star on top and “خلق/people” written and beneath the logo “Era of revolution in Pashto” was written.

1980-1987: After the Soviet defeat, the country got its new emblem, which symbolized a book with a rising sun reflecting that knowledge is an essential element for the prosperity of a country. A star was there too on top and the whole logo was surrounded by wheat dale.

1987-1992: This one was just a modified version of the previous.

1992-1996: The entire emblem of Afghanistan during this time was totally based on a gold colored scheme, it pretty much resembled the emblem between 1928-1929 just with the addition of two swords with curved blades surrounding the whole badge. And the monotheism was clearly marked on the emblem.

1996-2016: Since 1996 till date the national emblem of Afghanistan just got some tweaks, however, the basic theme and idea are pretty much same.

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