National Cousins Day July 24 – 2017

National Cousins Day is an unofficial day, celebrated on July 24th each year. This day is best to show and exhibit the love you feel for your family and cousins by appreciating them and setting up a get-together.

You may remember those childhood memories when at elders’ house the whole family reunited for lunch, a party or a small get-together, and there you spending hours playing hide n seek, running after each other, tug of wars and much similar. While on the other side moms and dads discussing a complicated social or political topic. All those wonderful memories can not be just easily forgotten. Therefore, the Cousins Day is golden opportunity to reflect the affection you bear for your cousins and family.

History of Cousins Day:

Cousins Day July 24

There is no history like exactly who created this day or when this day was first celebrated. But the day is good opportunity to let your beloved cousins no matter if they live near to you or far that how much you appreciate them.

National Cousins Day Quotes:

“Friends are forever. Cousins for life.”

“Time passes and we may be apart. But cousins always stay close at heart.”

“Cousins are connected heart to heart. Distance and time can’t keep them apart.”

How to celebrate Cousins Day

  • Drop a message, text, email or a snap, alternatively, you can call them and greet your cousins a warmth “Happy Cousins Day”.
  • The cousins living near by your place you can pay a visit to them or you can setup a lunch/dinner party or a small get-together.
  • If your cousins live quite far then you can use social media such as Facebook. Just simply drop a heart warming greeting for your cousins on National Cousins Day.
  • Plan a family picnic or outing with your cousins and other family members. That is really very soothing for the relationship.
  • The most effective ways to celebrate the Cousin Day is to make your beloved cousins experience unique by providing a surprise gift that they would likely comprehend.

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