National Repeat Day June 3 – 2017

National Repeat Day as its name suggests you can do things over and over again. Yes right! over and over again. If you ever got the opportunity to repeat something over and over again , would you ? In case, your answer is affirmative, Karma! It’s Repeat Day. The origin of this day is unknown, though it seems stupid but it is fun. The National Repeat Day is celebrated June 3 each year. No holiday is observed for the sake of celebrating this day, means you can annoy folks by repeating things in your office, workplace and even school too.

Repeating this can annoy folks around you a lot, seeing them confused and annoyed is really fun, but what if someone else come to know that today is the Repeat Day and repeat the same with you as well. So be careful.

national Repeat day June 3

How to Celebrate National Repeat Day :

You can annoy everyone around you by repeating things twice, for instance, making the same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Watching an episode of your favorite anime over and over again. Or repeating anything over again.

Well! It is fun to annoy people but doesn’t get over the nerves of someone, else you are clever enough to know.

Happy Repeat Day!

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