National Barefoot Day June 1 – 2017

National Barefoot Day is celebrated on June 1st. Its aim is to support financially-deficient children. People kick off their shoes, walk and run on cool grass and donate shoes to needy little ones.

History of National Barefoot Day

National Barefoot Day was initiated by an organization named Souls4Souls. At the very first, there was no holiday for this particular day, however, after Tsunami disaster in 2004, it was declared as an official holiday. More than 19 million people started donating in 2005 and are still donating.

National Barefoot Day

How to Celebrate National Barefoot Day

First of all, wake up and Pray to the God for the prosperity of the Poor ones. Then change your Display pics and cover photos of your social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, VK etc. Now open your shoe cupboard and pick up some slightly used pair of shoes, and donate them to the website of Souls4Share. You can also donate your shoes to your friends who are having a hard time.

Now its time to have some pedicure, and make your feet look nice. Now go to the nearby beach, park or any grassy or sandy area to have a good pleasant walk. Make sure you have a massage cream or oil so that you can apply on your feet at night. Now last and the most comfortable step, have a good and nice sleep.

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