Malayan Tiger: The National Animal of Malaysia

The national animal of Malaysia is the Malayan tiger. The scientific name of the Malayan tiger is Panthera tigris jacksoni. Malayan tiger is a tiger subspecies mainly inhabitants of the region of central and southern parts of Malay Peninsula. In the Malay language, they call tiger as harimau or rimau. The Malayan tigers are quite near to extinct, almost between 250 to 340 adults Malayan tiger can be observed in the forests of Malaysia.

national animal of malaysia

Malayan tiger Facts:

  1. The Malayan tiger is smaller in height than other sub species, ranges from 8 ft for an adult male, while female are 7ft in length.
  2. Average life-span of these tigers ranges between 13 to 15 under captive conditions.
  3. The gestation period in females are 4 months, giving birth to 3-4 cubs.
  4. The females feeds their cubs approximately up to 18 months, after which the cubs are forced to leave the mother and live on their own.
  5. Malayan tiger diet comprised of giant animals like wild boars, deer and wild goats.

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Malayan tiger conservation status:

Malayan tigers are listed as critically endangered by IUCN and are very susceptible to the extinction.

Why is Malayan tiger the national animal of Malaysia ?

The Malayan tiger’s emblem can be observed on the coat of arms of Malaysia, it seemingly appears heraldry of Malaysian government, i.e. Royal Malaysian Police, Maybank, Proton and Football Association of Malaysia. Moreover, this sub species of the tiger is critically endangered, so for the sake of its conservation too it is taken as the national animal of the country.

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