Wolf: The National Animal of Italy

There is no such national animal of Italy. Yet some folks attribute Wolf as the national animal of Italy. The scientific name of the wolf is Canis Lupus, Canis is considered to be the dog family.

national animal of italy the italian wolf

Facts about Wolves:

Wolf Howl:

Wolves have a spine-tingling howl, which is a medium of their communication. Usually, a wolf howls to attract the attention of the other pack members while the howling of the pack also signifies the territory. Howling can be answered by rival packs. Akin to the barking of dogs, wolves can start howling by seeing other wolves doing so.

Wolf Breeding:

The mating season comes by the end of January and the start of February. The gestation period is 63 days just after couples have mated. The wolf pups are deaf and blind when they are born and are weighs just half a KG after birth. After a time span of 8 months, they are grown enough to participate in hunting along with the pack.

Wolf Prey:

Wolves are meat lovers and can actually prey on anything that is meat. As we know they hunt in the pack so big animals no problem to hunt unlike the solely living tigers and bears. Moose, reindeer, hares, sheep etc and sometimes even other carnivore animals are in the hunt list of wolves. They are really rough and tough animals, bearing the ability to survive almost any kind of environment till there is enough food or they are not hunted by man. Unlike bears wolves do not go hibernate and remains active during all the year.

5 cool facts about wolf:

  1. The bite force of a gray wolf is 406 PSI. Which can easily crush human bones.
  2. A typical wolf pack must have an alpha male and an alpha female who are considered to be pack leaders.
  3. As per IUCN the population of the wolves in the world are now pretty much stabilized than before.
  4. Once mated, that specific pair can live for rest of the life together.
  5. Wolves can attain a max speed of 45KM/h and can maintain it, unlike other animals like cheetahs who lose their stamina quickly because of lactic acid formation in the blood.

Why is wolf the national animal of Italy ?

As aforementioned there is no national animal of Italy. Yet the people of Italy consider the “Wolf” as the national animal of the country.

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