Green Pheasant: The National Animal of Japan

The national animal of Japan is the green pheasant. The scientific name for the green pheasant is Phasianus Versicolor. Pheasants are close relatives of wild chickens, quails and partridges. Till now around thirty-five species of pheasants are discovered. The pheasants are found all across the Eurasia and North America too. The green pheasant specifically is native to the people of Japan and is the population of the bird is quite abundant in the country.

national animal of japan

Green Pheasant Facts:

  1. The green pheasants can grow up to 36 inches in length and weight is somewhere between 2-3 KG. Males are considerably large than females.
  2. The sprinting speed of the green pheasants is 16 km/h on average.
  3. The diet of these birds is comprised of beans, peas, acorns, berries, eggs, maggots, grits, earthworms etc.
  4. These gorgeous looking birds sports multi-colored shiny feather.
  5. Only males have attractive colored feathers to attract females, while the females are usually dull in color.
  6. On average the female lay around 15 eggs that can be up to 20 eggs.
  7. The incubation period is 23 days after which tiny chicks hatch.
  8. The size of their eggs is slightly smaller than the chicken one, however, tastes almost the same.
  9. During hot summers the breathing of the birds increases.
  10. Male pheasant creates the harem of 3 to 7 females during the mating season.
  11. Unlike many other flying birds pheasants are not migratory birds.
  12. The lifespan of green pheasant is 2 years in captivity and house farming.

Green Mutant Pheasant:

This melanistic green mutant pheasant is a pure breed. These huge, lovely birds highlight a shiny, greenish-dark. They love to live in crop fields such as corn, soybean, or small grains and also grassland/bush-lands.

Why is Green Pheasant the national animal of Japan ?

It is believed that pheasants can detect earthquake a few minutes before the happening and make loud sounds. We all know how vulnerable Japan is to earthquakes so as per few folks that are the primary reason it is taken as the national animal of the country.


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