White Mariposa: The national flower of cuba

The white Mariposa lily is the national flower of Cuba.It is also known as White ginger.On 3 October 1936 the white Mariposa become the National symbol of Cuba.At the era of slavery, it was first introduced in Brazil and then become popular in Africa.The white Mariposa is very popular among native of Hawaii.

White Mariposa the national flower of cuba

                                                             White Mariposa

White Mariposa Lily :

White Mariposa,national flower of cuba or  Flor de Mariposa is the Cuban name,Its actual name is Hedychium coronarium.It is a very old flower of a flowering plant and is native of Myanmar,India, Some regions of Himalayas Laos and china.The White Mariposa belongs to  Zingberaceae family and Hedychium

 as genus.The white Mariposa is called butterfly because of its unique shape.It grows on a single stem which reaches as height of about 20 inches (50 cm) which consist of a flower having three petals of white colour and a purple blotch.

Interesting Facts About Mariposa lily:

  • The white Mariposa Is a flower of only single stem.
  • During the Spanish empire time,women used to enhance their beauty by the fragrance of white mariposa lily.
  • During the same ear women used to hide secret and important messages which related with independence.
    In Sierra del Rosario,The wild species of white mariposa is widely found on rainy mountains.
  • The amazing fact is that the cultivation of white mariposa will harm the growth of other native plants.
  • It can not be cultivated at any kind of land or soil,the white mariposa requires specific kind of land to cultivat

Why white Mariposa lily is the national flower of Cuba?

Cuba is famous for so many things,whether it is Cuban cigar or vintage cars but, apart from these Cuba is also popular for the availability of the exquisite flower,White mariposa. The immense beauty of the flower,Its history which links with the Spanish colonies and the most probably its beauty made the white mariposa the national flower of Cuba


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