Striped Hyena: The National Animal of Lebanon

Striped Hyena is the national animal of Lebanon. The scientific name for striped hyena is Hyaena hyaena. Hyenas are well known among the animal kingdom for their extra ordinary scavenging capabilities.

Striped Hyena - The National Animal of Lebanon

Striped Hyena Facts:

  • Male and Female Hyena are pretty much alike. However, males are slightly larger weighing around 30-40 KG, on the other hand, females are somewhere between 26-34 KG.
  • The striped hyenas have vertical stripes over their body which is more prominent in summer than winter.
  • These animals like almost all climatic conditions such as semi-deserts, scrub forests, woodlands, grasslands, acacia bush-lands, rocky terrain and tropical savanna.
  • An astonishing fact about these hyenas is that they are actually omnivores, people often consider them as a fully carnivore. Their diet includes small insects, small animals, melons and dates. The bite force of hyena is considered to be massive 1000 lbs.
  • Hyenas can digest even horns and hooves of dead animals and their jaws bear the capability to crush hard bones of animal which even lions and tigers can’t.
  • Striped Hyenas are quite nocturnal in habit but they can hunt during daytime as well.
  • The gestation period is 90 days in these animals and no specific season is required for mating.
  • Striped Hyenas can survive for around 22 years under captive conditions while 17-18 years in wild.

Why is Striped Hyena the national animal of Lebanon?

IUCN has classified striped hyena as ‘Near Threatened’ species. These animals are vastly found in the mountains of Lebanon and very timid  to humans. Further, they are crucial for Lebanese ecosystem. So it gives a sure idea that why is striped hyena is chosen as the national animal of the country.

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