Red Lotus: The National Flower of Vietnam

Red Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam. Red Lotus flowers are reference of beauty in both appearance and smell. It exists in varieties of colors that are pink, red, white, blue and purple, and each color exhibits a different meaning but they all have pleasant fragrance and people simply love them at first sight. As Thom says:

“The lotus is a unique flower that has been cultivated for a long time in Vietnam as they are easy to grow, especially in the northern, central and southern regions.

“The lotus often blooms in summer but also differs for other regions of the country. For example, in the north it blooms in early March and in the south it usually blooms in late May. The flowers tend to hold their structure and color for two months and start to wither in July.”

Red Lotus - National Flower of Vietnam Korra Wallapaper

Amazing Facts About Lotus:

  • Lotus flowers usually grow in the muddy pond and their seeds grow toward the direction of the sun light i.e. phototropism.
  • A lot of perfumes are being manufactured by extracting scent from the flower.
  • It exists in different colors, i.e. pink, red, white, blue and purple, each color has a different meaning.
  • The Lotus flower is considered holy in many religions and are used for praying purposes, as it symbolizes the connoting purity of the body, speech and mind.
  • Different dishes such as chicken rice is being served inside the green leaves of the flower.
  • The seeds are used for making lotus tea and are also used in numerous medicine.

Why is Red Lotus the national flower of Vietnamm?

Lotus symbolizes the beauty, commitment, health, honor and knowledge and said to be the indication of summer as it often blossoms in hot summer time when there is a lot of bright sunlight. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again. The flower means a lot to people of Vietnam it is a spiritual symbol of the country. In the native language it is known as “Nelumbo-nucifera”.

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