Orthodox Christmas Day in Australia – Jan 7th

A lot of Orthodox Christians in Australia commemorate Christmas Day on or nearby Jan 7 in the Gregorian calendar. This day works to be December 25 in the Julian log, which pre-dates the Gregorian calendar. It is a period to cheer the labor and birth of Jesus Christ, that is thought to be the son of God.

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Background behind this event:

Numerous Orthodox churches of worship in Australia perceive the occasion dates as per the Julian schedule. Christmas is still on December 25 in the Julian logbook so the January 7 date is just substantial somewhere around 1901 and 2100 The Gregorian date for Orthodox Christmas will be January 8 in 2101 if the Julian calendar is still use.

What Australians do during this event ?

Countless Orthodox Christians in regions like Australia fast before Xmas Day. Most people find the Nativity Fast as the time period of planning to enjoy Jesus Christ’s birth. It is thought that fasting helps to people change their focus from by themselves to others, paying less time stressing about meals and using a longer time in increased prayer and taking care of the poor. Subsequently, fasting before the Nativity enables someone to fully enjoy, appreciate and commemorate the Nativity of Christ.

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