National Rosé Wine Day – Second Saturday In June

National Rosé Day or the national rosé wine day is celebrated on the second Saturday of June every year. We all love to drink wine, but wine enthusiasts  all over the world celebrate this special day to spread love and to inform people about the historical significance of the rosé wine in the wine manufacturing world. Wine occupies an important role not only  in the history but in today’s world as well.  And rosé wine is probably the oldest type wine ever existed on this planet. In this case, the rosé wine deserves a day to be celebrated just as the day for wine in general is celebrated on the “National drink wine day“.

National Rosé Wine Day

Rosé Wine And It’s Historical Significance

Rosé is actually a French word indicating the French roots and origin of this wine.  It’s origin dates back to 600 B.C making it the world’s oldest wine. Being made from black skinned grapes, also known as red grapes, it incorporates many features of red wine. Its texture is somewhat in between red and white wine. Because of its long history, wide usage, and romantic stories associated with it, wine lovers all over the world celebrate it’s day to commemorate the role it has been playing in the human history for centuries.

How Did The National Rosé Day Started?

Contrary to the history of rosé, the history of National Rosé Day is not too old. It was first officially celebrated in 2014 in Sweden when the national day calendar’s registrar approved the request for it to be formally celebrated. After that, it has been regularly observed annually, not just in Sweden but the whole world.

Celebrating The National Rosé Day

There’s no other way to celebrate this day except to visit the near wine store, buy some rosé, enjoy it and share it with your family and friends. To raise awareness about this day, media and social media should be used. By doing this we can share our happiness with more people and bring awareness among masses about the rosé wine and the role it has played to in the human history.

Dates Of The Coming National Rosé Days

June 11, 2016
June 10, 2017
June 9, 2018
June 8, 2019


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