National Ballpoint Pen Day – June 10

National ballpoint pen day or ballpoint pen day started being observed on June 10th every year as a tribute to Bíró brothers, László and György, who invented ballpoint pen, because on the same day in 1943 they applied for a patent of the pen. Ballpoint pens are undoubtedly on of the most universal things around the globe. Ballpoint pen is a basic material resource for home, office, shops or any kind of organization.

Ballpoint pen vs Rollerball

nationa ballpoint pen day june 10

Ballpoint pen ink is a bit more viscous than roller-ball pen and a lot more than that of the fountain pen. Which is one of the biggest merits of the ballpoint pen, it’s ink is controlled and so as the writing. Ballpoint pen manufacturers have shaped the pen in various types most of which are cheap and handy and preferred by most of the public, unlike rollerball pen. Ballpoint too has flaws like getting dried mostly in winters and occasionally the cheap brands get flooded and can produce serious stain on clothes.

Ballpoint pen fun facts:

  • Every second 125 ballpoint pens are sold.
  • 100 people die from choking on a ballpoint pen every year.
  • A ballpoint can write up to 50,000 words.
  • 4.3 ballpoint pens are used annually by every person in the US
  • Mont Blanc is considered the most expensive ballpoint pen on the planet.


International Ballpoint pen day or National ballpoint pen day should be celebrated around the globe with huge enthusiasm because it would create awareness regarding the importance of education, and pen has been and still is the most vital weapon fighting ignorance and spreading the light of education.


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