Lotus: The National Flower of India

National Flower of India Is Lotus. Lotus is a unique flower. The flower always looks so pure and clean even against the background of the dirty pond. The Lotus plant is actually an aquatic plant having wide floating leaves on ponds and bright and shiny fragrant flowers which grow only in shallow waters. The Lotus flower symbolizes purity, potency, wealth, knowledge and signifies the bright future.

National flower of India white lotus

White Lotus

Interesting Knowledge about Lotus:

According to Asian tradition, Lotus represent sexual Purity. It is also considered as the symbol of purity and GOD head in several religion. Lotus belongs to Nelumbonaceae Family. The flowers, seeds, young leaves and roots all are edible.The petals are also used for Garnish and the large leaves are used to collect/wrap foods not often eaten. It is usually cultivated in water gardens.
They usually sport a white or pink color, Lotus flower is homo-photic and is unable to bear the cold and harsh weather. Lotus open up its leaves in the morning and wrap them back in the afternoon
because of its this trait (photo-tropism), the ancient people considered it as the mother of the Sun: as it open ups, the leaves sun arises.

Why is lotus the National Flower of India?

Lotus is not only a beautiful flower but is also related to many religions, As the Hindus relate it to their Gods: Vishnu, Brahma, Lakshmi and Sarasvati, further in many pictures, it can be seen these deity of Hindus are sitting upon this pure and clean flower. It is also used in Hindu’s religion practices. The Hindus considered this flower as a sign of expansion of soul because despite being grow in a muddy and dirty place Lotus is always pure and clean. It also reflects the purity of heart and mind for the people of India.

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