Gray Wolf: The National Animal of Turkey

The national animal of Turkey is the mighty Gray Wolf. The legendary animals are very well known for their spine-tingling howl. Wolves are the biggest species of the Canidae family (dog family).

National Animal of Turkey

Why is Gray Wolf the national animal of Turkey:

As per a Turkish legend, it is trusted that the Ancient Turks were bred, and raised by wolves like their offspring. While the other says that the majestic Gray Wolf helped the old Turks to conquer everything on their way in the chilling winter where no beast can assist them better than a wolf.

So a probability suggests that is why Gray Wolves were picked up as the national animal of the country. Turkey used to have a quite large population of the Gray Wolves once. Unfortunately, it started to decline rapidly. However, a Turkish conservation project of Wolves is working to re-introduce these majestic animals to a various region of the country.

Basic Facts about Gray Wolves:

Wolves are social beasts like dogs and live in packs. The astonishing thing here is that the national animal of Turkey i.e. Gray Wolf is the largest breed of wolves. Gray wolves possess pretty hefty stamina they can roam more than 20 KM a single day.

The top speed which they can attain is 45 KM/h. Not only they stamina Gray wolves are loaded with power too. A small pack of Wolves can even hunt a big grizzly. As per a few tests conducted by Dr Brady Barr the bite force of a Gray, the wolf is over 400 pounds that are enough to squash any type of bone. More like humans, wolves are very social animals, once a  pair of mated can live a whole lifetime together.

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