Edelweiss: The National Flower of Austria

Edelweiss has become the national flower of Austria and is, indeed, one of its most defining symbol. The state of Austria is embossed on the Euro from that country and is found throughout the countryside both in wild and gardens. The sheer beauty of Edelweiss flower has earned the flower the nickname, Floarea Reginei, or Queen flower.

The National Flower of Austria

Facts about Edelweiss Blossom:

Edelweiss is best known for its unchecked growth among the lush greenery of Austria, but it can be grown in a garden. In fact, Edelweiss has some medicinal uses and is often grown to help with abdominal complaints. To grow your own Edelweiss, start with rocky soil or loam. Scatter the Edelweiss seeds on the ground after the final frost and the plants will take hold and grow. Edelweiss grows best in snowy season, and will require a extra care if you don’t live in the hills if Austria.

Why is Edelweiss the National Flower of Austria ?

Its growth basically a sign of cool breezes and also good for the farmer as a sign of rain. This increases most of the growth, thus boost the degree of exports. That is why Edelweiss the national flower of Austria.




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