5 Ways to Celebrate Computer Security Day – 2016

Computer Security Day is celebrated yearly on November 30. Nowadays, by using modern innovation we can able to detect theft, fake frauds, ransomware computer viruses and help make our online experiences challenging.

computer security day 2016

History of Computer Security Day November 2:

Computer Security Day started off in 1988, around the period that computer systems were seemly very common, despite that these were yet to come to be common in houses. The 1980s saw not merely raised use of computers, particularly in running a business and also government, as the internet was in its initial stages. On the other side, hacking and also computer viruses have basically been with us as the beginning of innovative computing, evolving as well as progressively advanced technologies commenced to see much more functions, thereby added security dangers simply by the factor that way more data was in danger as computer systems found themselves into banks, federal government offices, as well as business workplace. A bigger factor data collected on computers and servers designed advanced info for hackers, this also supposed higher profile covers of security breaches. Therefore, online security turned a major problem at the end of the decade, and Computer Security Day was made to boost awareness regarding computer security.

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How to Celebrate the Computer Security Day ?

The best approach to enjoy Computer Security day is always to pay attention to making sure your computer, any devices, along with the information that you have in the cloud are all protected. One extremely important move to make for your online security is usually to get tough passwords and also have them up-to-date regularly, because this lowers the possibilities of your personal data tripping over into the hackers. When you aren’t the type of person who’s efficient at identifying strong passwords (and let’s be candid, some of us aren’t), there are also numerous password supervisors which you can pick from to create random passwords and store them so that you don’t need to remember.


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