Yumi Yumi Yumi: The National Anthem of Vanuatu

The national anthem of Vanuatu is Yumi Yumi Yumi. The National anthem was composed and written by François Vincent Ayssav and then adopted in 1980. François Vincent Ayssav was born in 1955 and was a great patriot.

 National Anthem of Vanuatu – Yumi Yumi Yumi:

Yumi, yumi, yumi i glat long talem se
Yumi, yumi, yumi ol man blong Vanuatu

God i givim ples ia long yumi,
Yumi glat tumas long hem,
Yumi strong mo yumi fri long hem,
Yumi brata evriwan!


Plante fasin blong bifo i stap,
Plante fasin blong tedei,
Be yumi i olsem wan nomo,
Hemia fasin blong yumi!


Yumi save plante wok i stap,
Long ol aelan blong yumi,
God i helpem yumi evriwan,
Hem i papa blong yumi!

Yumi Yumi Yumi: The National Anthem of Vanuatu

National Anthem of Vanuatu English Translation:

We, we, we are happy to proclaim
We, we, we are the people of Vanuatu

God has given us this land,
We have great cause for rejoicing,
We are strong and we are free in this land,
We are all brothers!


There were many ways before,
There are many ways today,
But we are all one,
Despite our many ways!


We know there is plenty of work to be done,
We work hard on our many islands,
God helps us in our work,
He is Our Father!


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