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Humans are fighting one hell of a virus due to which millions suffered this year, and now it is also getting in the way of our favorite Christmas and New Year Celebrations as well. So, how will the Happy New Year 2023 Celebrations during Corona look like? This is one of the biggest questions we are facing, and it needs to be answered as well.

This article brings important New Year Celebrations during Coronavirus updates, ideas to celebrate New Year during COVID-19, and lots of other exciting stuff such as news updates from different parts of the world regarding new year celebrations. So, let us now move ahead and bring you important new year updates for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Happy New Year 2023

Times Square Ball Drop and New Year Countdown during COVID-19

The world witnesses one of the most beautiful moments every year when a million people get out on the streets of New York, do the New Year countdown at midnight, and when the clock strikes midnight, the New Year songs get played, and people hug and kiss each other to welcome the new year. It is almost like a dream to be a part of these amazing new year celebrations for most people.

However, 2020 is a different year where a lot went wrong with the world. Yes, we are talking about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it put everything to a halt, affecting our lives to a great extent. What’s worse is that we are now hearing news about the new year celebrations being canceled due to this pandemic. Yes, the New York city administration is that there will be no public new year celebrations.

On the other hand, they have also ensured that people will still witness the virtual live streams of big events like the New Year Ball Drop and New Year Fireworks. The city mayor has ensured this stuff happens, so if you are looking forward to starting your new year with these, arrange a new year party at home and stream Times Square Ball Drop.

Please, note down that if you were looking forward to getting a different new year in New York package deals, which many travel agents offer for the event, do not take them. It is doubtful that these events will occur at all, let alone the thought of a massive public gathering as it used to happen during these COVID-19 times.

New Year Fireworks and Countdown Live Stream: New Year Celebrations during Corona Live Stream

Since we cannot be a part of new year celebrations at Times Square to witness the ball drop, fireworks, or new year countdown, one way of enjoying it is through a live stream. Yes, arrange a new year party at home with food, drinks, new year’s games, and a projector to do the new year countdown and see the fireworks alongside your loved ones.

For that, we will be bringing a free live stream showing new year’s fireworks, countdown, and ball drop live from Times Square, New York. We will also bring a live stream of New Year Fireworks from Thames Bridge, London. So, stay tuned to our website for the live stream and have some great New Year fun with your friends and family.

Party Ideas for New Year Celebrations during Corona Pandemic

While we face a major pandemic, it does not mean that we should put a full stop in front of all parties and celebrations. We can still arrange new year parties at home with our friends and family while taking care of the important SOPs. Since we have a lot to cover here, let us move ahead and bring you our favorite party ideas for HNY celebrations during Corona.

However, before we move ahead and start covering the party ideas, here are a few tips for a corona-safe party environment:

  • Start your party late or end it early.
  • Light up your party space
  • Leave the past behind.
  • Serve lots of good luck foods.
  • Make it easy to find your drink.
  • Keep your New Year’s kiss safe.

Once you have taken care of these important tips, you are good to execute the following new year celebrations during the corona pandemic with your friends and family:

1.    Go Star Gazing:

New Year gazing stars

This is our most favorite idea to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2023. Well, what you have got to do is to arrange your new year party at your home’s terrace and invite your family and friends there. Arrange for everyone to enjoy the night sky with stars and moon shining over their heads while enjoying their food, drinks, and dance to the music. Getting a night blanket would be good if there aren’t any stars.


2.    Experiment in the Kitchen:

New Year Cooking Experiment

Since the new year’s activities during your new year party at home will be limited, it is time to do a bit of experimentation in the kitchen. Check out our list of favorite New Year Food traditions and try them out in your kitchen to have a great family dinner. Keeping your new year celebrations during corona within your home can be turned into immense fun.

3.    Make a scrapbook:

New Year scrapbook

While we are all looking forward to spending some beautiful moments with our loved ones, making a scrapbook with them can bring a lot of fun. A few ideas include writing funny new year jokes and wishes to make everyone laugh. You can also add favorite photo moments of the year to make everlasting memories with people you love.

4.    Home Photobooth:

New Year photo booth

Since we will not be going out on this New Year’s Eve to beautiful locations for HNY celebrations, setting up a photo booth at home can be another fun idea. This allows your family to get together and capture some memorable snaps with each other. Design a photo booth with new year decorations or use different beautiful backgrounds to capture unforgettable family pictures.

5.    Arrange for New Year Fireworks:

Happy New Year fireworks

As we updated before that there will be no public gatherings at famous places such as New York or London for new year celebrations, you can bring that fun home. Well, arrange for New Year Fireworks and just as the clock will strike midnight, start blowing these fireworks for an exotic look on the terrace. Ensure that someone experienced handles this stuff to avoid any accident on this important night.

The following is our list of more New Year Celebrations Ideas during the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • Get crafty with ceramics
  • Have a Pajama Party
  • Arrange a Big New Year Feast
  • Choose a Unique New Year Party Theme
  • Go full-on fancy
  • Make things super sweet
  • Play for laughs
  • Movie Time Magic
  • Arrange New Year Quizzes
  • Arrange a Virtual HNY Party
  • Add a Virtual Background
  • Preparations for Your New Year’s Eve Celebration Online
  • Party Decorations, Hats, and Noisemakers
  • Champagne and Hors D’oeuvres
  • Create a Playlist
  • Play Games Online
  • Dance the Night Away
  • Share Photos of Each Other
  • New Year’s Predictions Game Time Capsule
  • Casino Night
  • Game Night
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Western Cowboy Party Theme
  • Relaxing Spa Party
  • Ugly Sweater Party
  • New Year’s Spa Celebration
  • Vampire Cocktail Party

New Year Celebration Ideas for COVID-19: FAQs

1. Where is the best new year celebration?

Answer: The best destinations to celebrate New Year during COVID-19 are:

  • Sydney
  • Bangkok
  • Taipei
  • Dubai
  • Cape Town

2. How is the new year celebrated around the world?

Answer: People celebrate New Year’s Eve by watching New Year Countdown, Fireworks, eating food, and having drinks. They also welcome the New Year with kisses and hugs after the New Year countdown.

3. Will there be New Year Celebrations this year?

Answer: There will be no public New Year Celebrations around the world. However, stay tuned for Virtual New Year Celebrations.


We think now you have more than enough new year celebrations ideas to execute during the coronavirus pandemic. If you think so too, choose your favorite party idea from the list and start preparing for a massive new year party at home.

Check out our website for more exciting New Year 2023 content, Happy New Year 2023 to you guys!

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