5 Ways To Make Memorable National Deep Fried Clams Day – 2016

In 1865 fried clams they were found on the food list of the Parker House hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, therefore it is famous that fried clams have been dished up and liked for over 140 years. Right now, on November 1, we celebrate National Deep Fried Clams Day.

5 Ways To Make Memorable National Deep Fried Clams Day - 2016

As per legend, it had been 300 years back that the contemporary deep fried, breaded type of clams is recognized to Lawrence Henry “Chubby” Woodman from Essex, Massachusetts. This really is reasoned that his very first batch was cooked on July 3, 1916 in his small roadside hotel, right now Woodman’s of Essex.

It was subsequently at a later date that Thomas Soffron of Soffron Brothers Clam Co., based in Ipswich, Massachusetts, formed clam strips, that are made of the “foot” of hard-shelled sea clams. Soffron promoted these to Howard Johnson’s in a special deal and also as the chain expanded, they grew to become well-liked all through the country.

And they claimed that their fires absorbs cooking fat.

How to celebrate the event?

Enjoy this Battered Fried Clams recipe. You can find lots of recipes here in Google to celebrate, so start googling it.

5 Ways To Make Memorable National Deep Fried Clams Day

  • Gather with old friends and cook the deep fries to celebrate the day so enjoy your meal. Don’t just eat. Taste it and appreciate its richness.
  • Have a candle-light dinner with your spouse, in which you cook deep fried clams hmm!
  • Motivates the people through social media about fried clams day in order to produce awareness in an individuals.
  • Organize a party that will totally based on fries, wearing such clothes, hats, meal etc.
  • Enjoy! This till 12 pm and make it memorable day of your life.







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