5 Life Hacks Using Vinegar | National Vinegar Day 2016

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The National Vinegar Day celebrated on November 1 honors among the finest common household things which have been around for different millennia.

Vinegar is a thing which contains commonly of acetic acid together with H2O. The acetic acid is made by the fermentation procedure; acetic acid microorganisms oxidize ethanol to acetic acid. Vinegar is put into different forms contingent upon the food items which are getting fermented. Let us discuss a few vinegar forms: wine vinegar, apple vinegar, fruit vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and even beer vinegar.

Vinegar has been made use of generally for conserving and pickling food items. At the present, it is commonly used in cooking while it is a typical content of salad dressings, marinades, sauces. This can also be sprinkled on lots of dishes as a condiment and also an option to lemon in tasty recipes.

Besides its culinary benefits, vinegar can be chosen as a washing detergent like it carries mild acid. Furthermore, it is also found in medication to help simplicity the agony of jellyfish stings; whenever put on to the damaged spots, vinegar deactivates the cnidocytes, explosive cells generated by jellyfish.

How to celebrate the event?

To enjoy the National Vinegar Day, cook dinner or any meal that has vinegar, be it the salad with vinegar dressing, fruit with balsamic vinegar, or even pickled veggies. Vinegar usage is not just limited to cooking and eating. It can be used in other ways to make life tasks easier. Below you can read Vinegar Lifehacks guaranteed to make your life easy.

Awesome Vinegar Hacks - Vinegar Day

5 Life Hacks Using Vinegar on National Vinegar Day and Daily life

  • Stain Remover:
    You can remove non-oily stains from clothes and carpet by applying 1 tablespoon of vinegar with a little detergent. Apply vinegar on stain spot with a brush and then rub it gently apply lukewarm water and rub again. Repeat the procedure if required.
  • Make your glass Stuff Streakless:
    Using vinegar mixed with warm water and cleaning glass windows and other glass stuff will make it streakless. No traditional films and streaks will be left. At the end dry it with a soft cloth.
  • Ant Fighter:
    You can defend against ant invasion by applying and cleaning counter tops, cabinets and floor with distilled vinegar.
  • Weed Killer:
    You can pour a full strength distilled vinegar to unwanted grass and weed which will make your sidewalk clean.
  • Pet Helper:
    A tablespoon of vinegar mixed in a quart of pet’s drinking bowl. Can make your pet fleas and ticks free. The ratio of one tablespoon with a quart of water is for forty pounds of animal.


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