5 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Housewife’s Day – 2016

National housewife’s day is observed on 3rd of November around the globe as an appreciation for those mom’s and wives who work 24/7 to make their family happy. It is a very special and good approach because most of the time housewives work day and night for their husbands and children but still they don’t get deserved appreciation. In early time men were responsible for earning money by doing a job and women

had a duty to care about children at home. The World has changed, now both genders serve jobs to build a stable household economy but the fact remains the same women are greatly responsible for maintaining a stable family life. Supportive wives are one of the greatest gifts a family can have. Remember you can have a day or two off at weekend but there is a person at your home who never goes on vacation and works full time on Sunday too.

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Housewife’s Day


History of National Housewife’s Day:

The history of this day and its origin is still unknown but it is suspected that it was created by a housewife. No matter how it started but the idea soon gained momentum considering that housewives must be appreciated for their 24 hours of work and making a family happy and successful.

The best way to celebrate this day is by doing something which will make you happy but if you are confused and don’t know how to squeeze every bit of fun out this day continue reading. Below are some Fun ways to celebrate this very special day.

5 Fun ways to celebrate National Housewife’s Day:

  • Day Off:
    The very first thing you can do is just ask your husband and family if it is okay to take this day off (at the end don’t listen to them just take a day off). Go out alone and do stuff you wanted to do but couldn’t do like casino, spa, swimming, beach and whatever makes you happy. Go meet your relatives and old friends and spoil yourself to fullest on this day.
  • Dance, Sing Work:
    If you don’t want to take a day off you can dance and sing around while cleaning or washing dishes. Play your favorite song, turn the volume up and perform with your full energy, trust me it will make you happy.
  • Replace Stuff:
    Ask your husband to buy new mitts, carpets, dishes, laundry machine or whatever you are sick of. Replace ancient stuff with newer it will make your day and life much easier.
  • Party:
    Ask if your husband can do the cleaning and maybe cooking. Invite your friends and party with them like a wild teenager at drugs.
  • Going Sexy:
    Buy the sexiest clothes you can find, return home, arrange a candlelight dinner at home and wait for your husband to come home.

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