Tulip is regarded as the unofficial National flower of Netherlands. (As the country does not have an official flower) Tulips belong to Lily family in plants. It is an herbaceous herb with attractive flowers. Tulips are found in almost every color; from deep shades like purple and maroon to creamy whites and yellow. Tulips plant usually has two to six leaves.  Most Tulips produce a single flower per stem. Tulips are spring blooming flowers that grows from bulbs. Tulips flourish best in areas with cold winters and dry summers. Rainy seasons and wet earth are demise to Tulips.

Interesting Facts About Tulips

As said by Wikipedia Tulip is the National flower of Afghanistan and Iran. The flower buds of Tulip are famous for being perfectly symmetrical. Tulips are sign of spring. They were once the most expensive flower. Tulips’ leaves are not only edible but also can be used instead of onions. The interesting thing about Tulips is that even if you cut it, the flowers will continue to grow in your vase. The Turks cherished Tulips long before the Dutch. In Turkish folklore the famous legend of two lovers are associated with Tulips. The handsome prince Farhad was stricken with grief when he heard her lover maiden has been killed. In his grief he dashed over a cliff to his death. It is said that from each drop of his blood, a crimson Tulip sprang up, making the flower an historic emblem of love.

Why Tulip is the National Flower Of Netherlands.

Tulip is the most popular flower of Netherlands. Not one thing symbolized the Netherlands more concisely than the Tulip. Since the 1950s Netherlands is famous for flower trade center of the world. It is called the land of flowers. The Tulip festival is popular among Dutch people. The Tulip fields in Netherlands are eye catching for the tourists around the world. The Netherlands harvest roughly nine billion flower bulbs yearly.

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