National Running Day – First Wednesday of June

In the United States, the first Wednesday of June is celebrated as National Running Day. It is not just running, but in fact soul of celebrating this day is to provide a confidence to beginners to face the coming challenges of life and to provide a boost to the people becoming fed up from their busy and tough routine.

National Running Day

History of National Running Day:

Different organizations of United States collaborated since 2009 in order to promote National Running Day. Since then, this day is celebrated as an Unofficial Holiday.

How to Celebrate National Running Day on First Wednesday of June:

All you have to do is just sign up for the race and Lace up your shoes and Head up for the race. But don’t forget to visit your nearest store in order to grab stuff like juices and other necessary stuff etc. Once you finished one race, try for something bigger and better like running in a longer marathon. For this purpose, you can also plan multi-hours of training (better to train with your groups like friends or family). During training push yourself harder to break your limits and prepare yourself for the ultimate goals.

Join here to participate in Global Running Day.

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