National Iced Tea Day June 10 – 2016

National Iced Tea Day is celebrated when the summer season is at its peak, that is, the month of June. Drinking hot tea in summer is surely not a good idea. Hence, the month of June is celebrated as the national iced tea month and the 10th of June is the day specified for its celebration. So, June 10th is unofficially celebrated as the national iced tea day all over the world particularly in the United States with the purpose to promote iced tea, as an alternative to the soft drinks keeping in view the health hazards associated with them.

Iced tea can either be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Although iced tea was invented at the beginning of  the nineteenth century as an alcoholic beverage but as the twentieth century started, non-alcoholic iced tea became popular and remained so until today.

If you are a fan of green tea, then green iced tea is surely of  yours type. Else you can also enjoy black iced tea which is the most popular type of iced tea served in the restaurants of United States. Green tea, however, has been declared more healthy and beneficial for the health by the experts.

Iced tea is healthy, safe, refreshing and pleasant to drink. We, therefore, should encourage and promote its use by celebrating the national iced tea day every year.

National Iced Tea Day - Iced TeaNational Iced Tea Day - Iced Tea

Celebrating The National Iced Tea Day

International coffeehouses and fast casual restaurants like Dunkin’ Donuts, McAlister’s Deli  and Starbucks etc celebrate the national iced tea day by providing the free shipment of  iced tea all over the world. People all over the world celebrate this day by visiting the restaurants, coffeehouses or ordering a refreshing cup of iced tea at their homes through the free shipment services provided by the international companies. Content related to the national iced tea day is widely shared on the social media by the iced tea lovers.

You can also enjoy this day by making iced tea at you home.

How To Make Iced Tea

You can make iced tea with different flavors and textures at your home. Let’s first learn to make a simple black iced tea.

The Ingredients you need – Iced Tea

To make a simple black iced tea, all you need is:

  1. Water
  2. Teabags
  3. Sugar

And that’s how simple it is.

Recipe Iced Tea

Boil two cups of water in a  pot. You can add tea according to your taste but the use of at least two teabags is recommended. Better go for Ceylon or Keemun teas. You can either add sugar during or after the boiling as per your taste. Remove the teabags and add four cups of cold water. You can also use ice cubes instead.

Iced black tea is ready. Chill it well and enjoy!

NOTE: You can prepare iced green tea by just replacing the black tea with green tea in the procedure above.

Fruit Iced Tea

Iced tea can be much fancier than just simple black and green tea. Fruit iced tea is one of them. You can add a little twist to your tea by using the foods provided by nature. Here’s the simple formula to make a chilling cup of fruit iced tea.

The Ingredients You Need – Fruit Iced Tea

  1. Water
  2. Teabags
  3.  Sugar syrup
  4. The fruit you like

Recipe – Fruit Iced Tea

First of all prepare iced black or green tea by the method mentioned earlier. Then take your favorite fruit and let it marinate in the tea for few hours. Add sugar syrup to enhance the sweetness of the mixture. After two to three hours you’ll get a cup of sweet and refreshing iced fruit tea.

You can either drink the tea and eat the fruit settled at the bottom of the mixture later or simply stir the mixture and enjoy the whole thing together.

Strawberry Iced Tea

Strawberry iced tea is unique not only in taste and texture but the way it is prepared to differ as well. If you don’t know how to make it? Don’t worry. Here’s is the simple way to prepare and treat yourself with a cold cup of iced strawberry tea.

The Ingredients You Need – Srawberry Iced Tea

  1. Water
  2. Teabags
  3. Fresh strawberries
  4. Powdered sugar
  5. Lemon juice

Recipe – Strawberry Iced Tea

While preparing the iced tea pour some powdered sugar into the mixture. You can add as much sugar as you like but to add one-sixth to one-third of the cup of sugar in the mixture is a good idea. You can additionally add one-eighth to one-fourth of the cup of  lemon juice. This will make your tea a refreshing beverage ideal for the summers.

Now take some fresh strawberries, remove their seeds and add them to the mixture. But be careful and never add strawberries when the mixture is hot. This will destroy the taste, texture and naturalness of the strawberries making your drink literally undrinkable.

Your tea is ready. Refrigerate it, enjoy and share it with your family and friends.

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