National Chocolate Eclair Day June 22 – 2017

National Chocolate Eclair Day is popularly celebrated every year on June 22. It happens to be the second opportunity for chocolate lovers to have a super delicious treat of Chocolate Eclair who failed to notice National Doughnut Day. Chocolate Eclair is an oblong shaped pastry, which is stuffed with custard, whipped cream, vanilla pudding or any other mouthwatering creamy paste, and is frosted with chocolate on the external side.

History of National Chocolate Eclair Day

It is believed that Chocolate Eclair was initially introduced in France in 19th Century by Antonin Careme( 1784-1833 ). Eclair is a French word , which means “lightning”. Unfortunately, no direct link has still been found between lightening and Chocolate Eclair, however, some folks assume that eclairs got their name from the glimmer of the frosting that has a resemblance to lightening bolt. I own the same opinion due to the fact that after that lightening of frosting , it starts raining in the mouth.

Easy Chocolate Eclair Recipe

There are various methods and techniques to prepare Chocolate Eclair. I am going to discuss an extremely simple three-step method with you below.

  1. Pastry
  2. Filling
  3. Frost


  • Water
  • 125 gram butter
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • A cup of flour
  • 2-3 eggs
  • Two Cups of whipped cream
  • One Teaspoon of Vanilla Powder
  • Dark Chocolate (for Frosting)

Getting Things Ready

1. Pastry

Pre-Heat the microwave to about 200 degrees. Add a cup of Water, 125 grams butter, half teaspoon salt and one and a half teaspoon of sugar in a saucepan and boil it. Now let it cool a little. Now add a cup of Flour in it, make a dough and keep stirring it. Now add 2 eggs in the dough, one at the time and beat them until all the eggs are absorbed properly and it shows a lovely and glossy look. You can add another egg if necessary.

Easy Chocolate Eclair Dough - National Chocolate Eclair Day


Now you need to pop nicely it in the pastry bag equipped with a large plain tip to pipe the dough into an oblong shape pastries. Before piping, sprinkle some water on the baking sheet. Now pipe the dough and place it in the preheated microwave for 20 minutes.

national chocolate eclair day - Piping


2. Filling

Add a teaspoon of vanilla powder and sugar in 2 cups whipped cream and stir it vigorously.

Some people make use of custard or vanilla pudding as a filling. Some chocolate lovers also add chocolate paste in the filling. It depends on upon your taste, economy and availability of the ingredients.

3. Frost

Boil one and a half cup of water and a cup of sugar in a saucepan. Take a medium sized bowl and add dark chocolate in it. Now add the sugar syrup into the bowl containing dark chocolate and keep stirring it until it melts and become lovely thick chocolate sauce. Let the chocolate sauce cool for a little bit.

Chocolate Sauce - National chocolate eclair day

Chocolate Sauce

Mixing things up

Take out the pastries from microwave oven and poke a hole inside them. Now use the pastry bag equipped with a large plain tip to fill the filling you made previously in the pastries.

Filing Pastry - Chocolate Eclair day

Filling Pastry

Now frost the chocolate sauce with a spoon on each of the pastry. Make sure you cooled the chocolate sauce well enough that it neither fall down from the pastries nor it is difficult to frost on the pastries. Some people also add caramel in the frosting. It is up to your taste and choice. Your Chocolate Eclair is ready now.

The most difficult task now is to wait till the Chocolate Eclair cools down.

How to Celebrate National Chocolate Eclair Day

The best way to celebrate National Chocolate Eclair Day is to have a holiday in France, the country where the chocolate eclair was originated.

Well, above method is not a “piece of cake”, so wake up early in the morning, head towards doughnut shop and order a Chocolate Eclair.

Another way to celebrate National Chocolate Eclair Day is to invite your friends and make a lot of Chocolate Eclairs by yourself. Try to break the world record of eating most Chocolate Eclairs.


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