International Farmers Day – 2016

The International Farmers Day is commemorated annually on the very first Friday of December to observe our gallant Farmers and also Fishers. The occasion recognizes the important rank Farmers and Fishers take up in the nations socio-economic growth.

international farmers day 2016

Things Happening at International Farmers Day:

A Official Farmers Forum in which the Honor Winners are supposed to talk with policy makers and also experts on a few technological developments in the agricultural industry including make their views recognized.

Awards are granted to hard working farmers and also fishers so as of ideal practices with outputs.

The Ministry has pointed out with pleasure attention found by certain organizations/institutions in agriculture as well as the linkage they supply to Farmers and also Fishers by guaranteeing the sources of either credits, inputs for output or processing of create to decrease post-harvest cuts.

All through the festivity, exhibition is set up by organizations and also people to show case and discuss fresh thoughts on technological growth in the agricultural industry based on our resolution to use science and also technological innovation to renovate our agricultural landscaping. This culminates in the development of productivity and profitability of our tasks by building follow-ups as regards the new suggestions.


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