Happy New Year 2021 Event Celebrations in Covid

Knock Knock! its New year 2021 at the doorsteps, indeed the year 2020 was not less than a nightmare for the majority of the proportion of global population especially the developed countries like Italy, USA, Chine where the COVID-19 have left many in mourns.

There is less chance that the government might arrange any fireworks, celebration parties, and New year 2021 Eves prayers.

The Team Helo National has arranged the New year 2021 event for those who are deprived of happiness. For this to be done, The team has arranged the fireworks, and new year 2021 celebration party @ Helo National HQ & those you are willing to join us but might not join us, can also take part via Live Streaming.


  • New York: 2 PM

Timings of live streams:

New York: 2PM / San Francisco: at 11 a.m. PST / London(UK): 7PM / Berlin: 8PM / Moscow: 10PM / New Delhi: 12:30AM (February 11) / Beijing: 3AM (February 11) / Tokyo: 4AM (February 11) / Melbourne: 6AM (February 11)


Q: What is the first day of 2021??

Ans: First Day of Fall in 2021 is on Wednesday

Q: What is the exact date of New Year 2021?

Ans: The exact date of New year 2021 is Friday, 1 January New Year’s Day 2021

Q: Where I can watch the Happy New year 2021 Fireworks?

Ans: @ Helo National, you can watch the live stream of the fireworks celebration.

Q: Do Helo National New year 2021 follows the SOP?

Ans: Yes, we will conduct the event accordingly.

Q: From where I can participate in the New year 2021 Event?

Ans: For taking participate Contact @ Helo National EVENT

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