When to Celeberate Farmers Day Ghana – 2016

The Government of Ghana has announced Friday, December 2, 2016, will be Farmers Day Ghana and will be celebrated as a public holiday.

farmers day in ghana 2016

The very first Friday in December is usually targeted as the Farmers Day holiday, however, the function prevalent in the event happens to be carried ahead to November 4 due to the December 7 elections.

What will happen in this Farmers Day Ghana 2016 ?

Talking at the Program in Accra, previous Friday, the Deputy Chief of Staff at the Flagstaff House, Mr. Johnny Osei-Kofi, mentioned that govt was supplying a structure and also the institutional base for a long lasting involvement and also supplemental financing for scaling up expense in the private sector-led pro-poor farming value chain progression.

Mr. Osei-Kofi focused on the value of Agriculture to the economic growth of the country, with the Agricultural industry right now hiring around 44.7 per cent of the overall workforce in both of them the formal and also informal sectors of the economy – in accordance with the Ghana Living Standards Survey six, 2014.

In his comments, the Minister for Food and Agriculture, Mr. Alhaji Mohammed-Muniru Lima, pointed out that farming investment was probably the most vital and also helpful strategies for economic development and poverty decrease in the rural locations the most of the world’s poor lived.

Although after that they release the fund to the private sector to start work on it. So we are going to see the success of Ghana in near future!

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