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National Tree of Romania

Romania national tree

National Tree of Romania: Trees give us life because they produce oxygen. Nowadays, deforestation has left many areas devoid of trees but each country has its national trees that it tries to preserves. National trees are often chosen due to their abundance or significance in the country’s identification in the world. What is the National […]

White Pelican : National Bird of Romania

National Bird of Romania Introduction: Romania is a beautiful country with beautiful people. It has many national symbols and all of these symbols represent something significant about the country’s history and its charm. What is the national bird of Romania: Romania National Bird is Great White Pelican. This bird is also known as rosy pelican […]

Lily: The National Flower of Italy

National flower of Italy

National Flower of Italy: The National flower of Italy is Lily. Lily is actually part of herbaceous flowering plant genus i.e. Lilium all of which originates from bulbs and bear a prominent set of multi chroma flowers. There are many flowers in Italy. Some of these are Gentians, Alpine Pasque flower, Oleanders and Periwinkles. All of […]

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