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National Bird of Czech Republic

National Bird of Czech Republic: The national bird is the Czech Republic is quite unique and is found in the region. Related: List of national birds. What is the National Bird of the Czech Republic? The National Bird of the Czech Republic is a Moravian female eagle. This eagle is also present on the country’s coat […]

National Bird of Afghanistan

National Bird of Afghanistan golden eagle

National Bird of Afghanistan: Afghanistan national bird is the symbol of the country and it represents the traits of people living in the country. You may need to read: National flower of Afghanistan What is the National Bird of Afghanistan? National Bird of Afghanistan is the Golden Eagle. These birds are present in the Northern […]

National Bird of USA

national bird of usa

Every country has its own national bird which is the symbol for the country. Sometimes, the birds are also made on the flags or the coat of armour. What is the National Bird of USA? United States national bird is the bald eagle. USA National bird was chosen as the national bird in 1782, on […]

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