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Kaopectate, also called kaolin/pectin, is a drug that can be utilized to deal with delicate diarrhea in canines. Some newer formulation of the drug not include kaolin or pectin and as an alternative include attapulgite because the lively ingredient, however the model title has stayed the identical, and the drug is normally known as Kaopectate. It’s an anti-inflammatory, mild-antibiotic, antacid medicine usually utilized by people for indigestion and diarrhea, although veterinarians typically prescribe it for canines to deal with related signs, although it’s not FDA accepted to be used in canines. Kaopectate is out there over-the-counter with no prescription, however you must all the time seek the advice of your veterinarian earlier than offering any type of drug to your canine, particularly if they’re taking some other sorts of medicine. In case your veterinarian recommends Kaopectate on your canine, comply with their directions carefully. Here’s what you must know concerning the makes use of, dosage, and uncomfortable side effects of Kaopectate for canines.

Makes use of Of Kaopectate For Canine

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Kaopectate is used primarily to deal with delicate diarrhea and indigestion in canines. It shouldn’t be given to canines to deal with extreme diarrhea, and remedy ought to solely final for about 48 hours or much less. If a canine continues to be displaying signs of diarrhea after that point, they’ll want additional veterinary care.

Dosage Of Kaopectate For Canine

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The usual dosage of Kaopectate for dogs is zero.5 to 1 ml per pound of physique weight given four to six occasions a day. This could differ relying on which lively ingredient is within the medicine and the way concentrated it’s, which is why you must ask your veterinarian earlier than administering Kaopectate to your canine. The drug is available in a liquid type that’s administered orally. Canine ought to have loads of water to drink throughout their remedy. Therapy with Kaopectate ought to final not more than 48 hours. If signs haven’t cleared by that point, the drug won’t be sufficient to treatment the canine’s situation.

Side Effects Of Kaopectate In Canine

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Side effects of Kaopectate in dogs are uncommon and normally delicate. They could embrace fever, lethargy, stomach ache, darkish or tarry stools, elevated thirst, fatigue, and dizziness. If a canine is uncovered to excessive doses, they might expertise constipation. Regardless that uncomfortable side effects aren’t frequent, it’s nonetheless vital to seek the advice of your veterinarian earlier than giving Kaopectate to your canine, as variations in components and focus could cause issues.

Canine which might be allergic to aspirin or are taking aspirin, NSAIDS, or steroids shouldn’t be given a type of the drug that comprises bismuth salicylate as an ingredient. Kaopectate might inhibit absorption of digoxin or lincomycin. As with all medicine, there’s a danger of allergic response that may result in anaphylaxis, a doubtlessly life-threatening situation. When you see the indicators of an allergic response, together with swelling, hives, hassle respiration, or different signs, seek the advice of your veterinarian instantly and cease giving your canine Kaopectate.

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