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My canine suffers from hip dysplasia. Will acupuncture assist her?


In acupuncture, the physique is sort of a freeway system, with Qi flowing by means of power pathways referred to as Meridians. On this analogy, the automobiles are the Qi and the freeways themselves are the Meridians. Ache is type of like a automotive accident on the freeway. When there’s an accident on the freeway, the remainder of the automobiles making an attempt to journey by means of aren’t in a position to, which makes drivers cranky. In your physique, when there’s a blockage to the pure circulate of Qi, power can’t journey by means of the Meridians correctly, and the result’s a cranky physique – ache.

Whereas acupuncture can’t repair the truth that a canine with hip dysplasia has a malformed hip socket, it may scale back the quantity of ache related to this dysfunction by eradicating the blockages to the circulate of Qi. Acupuncture relaxes muscle rigidity that has collected by means of persistent compensation for this free joint, easing a whole lot of the aches and pains canine will expertise.

I usually discover that after seeing a canine for Three-10 visits (relying on the severity of their situation and the way their our bodies reply to acupuncture) that they’re pain-free and solely require “tune-ups” each couple of months to keep up their pain-free standing!

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