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Dear Labby,

There’s an aged lady who brings her rescued Bulldog to the canine park each morning. The opposite canine mother and father love her – she’s candy and frail and doles out treats to any canine who approaches. I’ve christened her the Deal with Girl. Drawback is that my canine, who wants numerous train, now hovers expectantly across the Deal with Girl as a substitute of operating round.

I’ve requested the Deal with Girl repeatedly to cease giving cookies to my well-fed canine, however she nonetheless slips him treats when she thinks I’m not trying. The opposite park-goers take a look at me as if I’m attacking the woman’s character after I ask her to cease, however actually I simply don’t need her feeding my canine. That is the one off-leash park in my space. Assist.


Majorly Irked by Frenzied-Feeding Aged Dame

Aunt Labby’s Response:

First, attempt yelling, “Hey lady! How’d you like it if I hung out at the playground stuffing your pudgy little grandson’s face with moon pies and cherry coke?”

No – on second thought, nobody needs to be seen slapping the hand of kindly outdated Grandma Milk Bones. Or making threats to her kin.

There are 1,000,000 causes, M.I.F.F.E.D., why it’s not okay for strangers to present sweet to infants. However clearly, this lady missed the lesson. So, because you’ve already issued a number of requests, your finest guess is to hit her with old style lie.

Inform her she means properly and also you admire the love she has in your canine, however Sir Poops A Lot was simply recognized with extreme allergy symptoms. Any non-approved deal with may end in extreme abdomen upset and an emergency journey to the vet. You would even add that the final well-intentioned deal with giver ended up with a pleasant little pile on his shoe – sure, that’s how rapidly the response happens!

Oh, and until you’re planning to run for mayor, don’t give one other thought to the canine park’s Greek refrain. Received’t be lengthy earlier than certainly one of them is sued for biting the hand that fed them… er, their canine.

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